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A Trailer for the W.W.3 Film

sound design. We took the longest on creating the musical score for this project. We wanted something that would represent a big epic war movie, but without the obvious and cheesy trailer music that you always hear. We needed it to have a modern feel; after all, it is World War 3. After the music was produced, we crafted a final edit that would sit a little tighter with the music. 

Last but not least was the animation which was being created alongside the music. After many drafts, we finally designed something we saw fit for the feel of the film.

How Did We Contribute?

For this project, we were in charge of everything that had to do with post production, story boarding, video editing and animation, sound design, as well as writing and producing the musical score.

What was our Process?

Our process for this project started with drawing inspiration from the footage that we had to work with. We then started to storyboard a rough idea of what angle we were going to take for the trailer. From there, we crafted a rough edit of the trailer and then went into music composition and 

Image From W.W.3

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