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O'hina Film Festival

O'hina Film festival. Alex Zarfati II had been making a lot of noise in the indie film world for the desperate and uncomfortable sound that he was slowly becoming a staple for, so it was no surprise that they wanted us to be a part of the production.

We wanted to add a delicate sound to the project as well as let these guys show off their wonderful sound design technique. Piano seems to always fit well when you have a lot of other things going on, so we built the track around that.

How Did We Contribute?

For this project, we were in charge of composing the original score.

What was our Process?

When we were asked to  participate in this project we were very excited.

The team we were working with had won an award for sound design for their previous, and this year they were looking to make an impact on the 

Image From The O'hena Film Festival

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