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Time Thread has produced many projects in the past and our credits range from films, documentaries and commercial advertisements. executing the right look and feel of your video is everything.  Below is a full list of our services within the Film Production Department.

-Live Action Film & Video

-Behind the scenes Photography

-Makeup and Visual effects





-Director of photography and lighting packages

-Camera and Equipment packages


Editing is a vital role in the filmmaking process, it is the glue that holds the whole production together, a good video editor can give perspective and depth to a story even when theres nothing there. We understand the power and responsibility when you take on a job as big as editing, it is a collaborative and time consuming process. Below are the services that we offer through our post-production department.    

-Storing and ingesting footage

-Organizing and cutting raw footage

-Audio Synchronization 

-Crafting an Edit

-Exporting uncompressed Picture lock 


Music in a scene tells us how to feel, it is the unseen character that drives the story forward.  Alex Zarfati II is an award winning film composer that has had his music heard around the world.    

-Composing and scoring original music 

-Score Mockup

-Producing film score 

-Instrument and orchestral performance

-Mixing and Mastering music stems 

-Stereo Mix

-5.1 Surround Sound Mix


The Colorist digitally processes the final image of a project. Coloring a film is a delicate and time consuming process. A lot goes into getting it just right, it's important to create a look and feel for an entire film and not just focus on individual shots but create a color pallet that is a cohesive look for the film.

-Creating a color pallet 

-Color correction

-Color grading


The impact of an explosion, the heat wave of a fire, the emptiness of space. Sound Designers are responsible for providing any required sounds to accompany screen action to give an authentic sense of location or period, or to give it a particular mood. We provide the following sound design services below.

-Foley Sound replacement 

-Sound effects 

-Tonal sound effects


Your project is nothing without great sound. It is up to us to glue all the different sounds of the production microphones, locations and times you were filming, ADR sessions and special audio effects together to create one cohesive well audible film.

-Audio Restoration 

-Dialogue Cleanup

-ADR Sessions

-Audio Mixing 

-Film Mastering 

Mixing and Mastering.jpg
Script Writting .png


Everyone knows without a great script you can not have a great film. We understand the importance and the love filmmakers have for their story, we can help you adapt your story into a well organized script that translates into a film.



-Script Writing 

-Screen Writing  


See the project before it happens. We can bring your script to life by creating the shots on paper so you can make adjustments as you see fit before production begins.





Motion Graphics&Animation.jpg


The foundation of your company – every concept, every campaign – is built off of this step. Create the look and feel for your brand, your product. Who best to steer this ship than your content creators.


-Logo Design

-Graphic Design

-Web Design

-Brand Book Creation  

-Marketing Campaigns 

-Media Buying 


Imagery created, altered, or enhanced for a film or other moving media that cannot be accomplished during live-action shooting. its our job to make sure that the VFX are seamlessly coexisting with the real world shots in the film. 


-Screen replacement

-Motion Graphics

-3D modeling  

-background replacement  

-Green Screen replacement 

-Character Animation 

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